Atai is a versatile vector-based sketching application with a heavy emphasis on the Apple Pencil and Bézier Curves.
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Atai saves your drawings in vector format, which means they can be modified at any size at any time. It's the perfect tools for Artists, Designers, Architects and Drawing enthusiasts who want to take their creativity to next level.

Accuracy and dynamism are both part of Atai's core. You can start by drawing a freehand path and end up in a precise technical drawing with the help of Grids and Layers & Bézier Curves.
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B├ęzier Curves
You can start by drawing a freehand stroke and end up in a precise technical drawing with with the help of Bézier curves. You can modify them by adding or removing control points, even modifying the properties provided by Apple Pencil like Force and Speed to change their thickness and opacity.
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Converting Bézier Curves to polygons is important in Atai. From curves solid polygons are created, which together with the Layer masks, can form halftone effects very easily. You have at your disposal a variety of Textures.
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Freehand drawing
Accuracy and dynamism, Atai plays between the two worlds. You can concentrate at the beginning on the dynamism of your paths and step by step you can reach the final accuracy. Bézier curves play an important factor in this process.
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Color Palettes
Atai allows the creation of Color Palettes and their easy use in each drawing. As a base we try to create palettes based on COPIC colors as well as possible.
Over time we will add others.
COPIC is a Registered Trademark of Too Corporation.
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There are 3 types of grids, Orthographic, Isometric & Perspective. The first is an invaluable help for all kinds of drawings, especially planimetric sketches, which together with the Perspective Grid are important Tools for every Architect.
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Along with using images, you can transform them into beautiful halftone effects using masks on each layer. By default there is a varied amount of masks available, you also have the possibility of designing your own.
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iOS Help Sheets

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